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AED is the currency sign or “Ticker” for DirhamCoin. The same way the US Dollar has USD or Brittish Pound has GBP, DirhamCoin has AED.

1. Go to the login/register tab
2. Enter the required information. You will then be send a confirmation email, please check junk and spam folders.
3. Once you have confirmed your email address by clicking on the confirmation link you can login into your account and navigate to the “Buy”, tab on the left.
4. You will see the “Maternodes to buy ”, section, enter the amount of DirhamCoin – AED MasterNodes you would like to buy and click the “Place Order”, button.
5. You will be presented with a Bitcoin address, send the exact amount of BTC as specified to the address provided.
6. You will then have 30 minutes to make the payment.
7. After the payment has been sent copy the transaction ID /TXID and past it into the field provided then click Payment sent.
8. You will be presented with an alert to confirm that the correct amount of BTC was sent and that the transaction ID/TXID was provide, click okay and you are all set.
9. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours for BTC transactions to authorise.

To withdraw your AED balance.
1. Click on the Account tab and paste your AED wallet address in the field provide and click save.
2. Click on Support Desk on the left hand side.
3. Click on New Ticket on the top right of the screen.
4. In the subject filed enter withdrawal.
4. In the Message box enter the amount you want to withdraw and then click Submit.

Transaction ID, hash or txid is an identifier used to uniquely identify a particular blockchain transaction. All on-chain transactions (the transactions from or to external addresses) have the unique txid that can be seen in transaction’s details. The hash of your transaction usually looks like a random set of letters and numbers. All on-chain transactions (depositing and withdrawing of funds) have the unique txid that can be found in transaction’s details.
In Freewallet apps
Tap on a transaction > Search for Hash in the list > Check your transaction in the blockchain.
In other services
Get transaction details and search for something like Transaction ID, TXID, Transaction Hash etc.
The hash example: 99bc78ba577a95a11f1a344d4d2ae55f2f857b98
If you have a link from a platform like blockchain.com: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/99bc78ba577a95a11f1a344d4d2ae55f2f857b98
Then you need symbols that follow after "tx/". In this particular example the hash is 018c98eab9dadb292fc3f326e7ec621796ecfaee7c02080f433c9170fccbfb3f
When you ask any questions regarding deposits or withdraws, it is always useful to provide a transaction hash with your support request.

Due to the risk of chargebacks we only accept Bitcoin as payment, however, if you having difficulty purchasing and are interested in purchasing a large about of AED, please contact our support team and we can take it from there. [email protected]

Day 1 of masternode sales, 30th August 2018 the price of a DirhamCoin – AED masternodes will be set at 0.36BTC for 20,000AED, Day 2 of masternode sales, 31stst August 2018 the price will be set at 0.432BTC for 20,000AED and continue to increase 20% each day, this translates to AED appreciating 60% by Sunday 2nd September, as a result the mastenode purchased for 0.36BTC at the start of the masternode sale will be valued at 0.576BTC by September 2nd. AED will continue to appreciate in value as the demand continues to increase alongside AED value all the way through the masternode sale period up to the point where DirhamCoin is listed on its first exchange where the value of each AED coin will be set at $2.80.

We would hope that our investors are all educated enough to understand that like all investments, short term profit would not healed maximum return on investment. Although we cannot speak for everyone, majority of our investors are well established within the crypto community. If you are looking to invest your life saving then just like with any investment, you probably should keep your life savings in your bank account. If you have money to invest, then that would be a totally different story. When a currency hits a major exchange the value far exceeds that of the initial investment, if you are new to digital currency we recommend that you do your due diligence before investing.

Sometimes a user may send less than the required amount to make payment, if the AED balance has still not been updated after 24hours please contact support by logging into the user area and navigating to Support Desk.

Due to delays with Bitcoin transactions deposits can take up to 24 hours to reflect, if the exchange you are using did not send your payment with a transaction fee your payment will be at the back of the queue. If your AED balance has still not been updated after 24hours please contact support by logging into the user area and navigating to Support Desk.

All digital currencies have addresses like this, it’s similar to a Swiss bank account where the account number is made up of a string of letters and numbers. In some cases a Bitcoin address (Account number) starts with a 1 but this is not always the case. These addresses are used to send and receive digital currency.