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A Greener Future is DirhamCoin – AED
Green Economy | Staking Wallet | Masternodes

User interface

The DirhamCoin user interface makes it possible for everyone to get involved with AED. Users can now hold AED directly on DirhamCoin secure servers with cold storage wallets, buy MasterNodes and have support on call at their fingertips, all though the user dashboard.

Security is our top priority and 2 factor authentication is available to ensure the safeguarding of user accounts. Once an AED address has been saved into a user profile the user will need to contact support in order to change the address if needed, serves as a second layer of security to protect user account balances.
The user interface will soon be home to our Green Energy Marketplace where users can trade green energy products and invest into renewable energy sources with AED. DirhamCoin is moving forward with the vision of reshaping the way people think of energy and making the world a greener place.

Global network

The DirhamCoin distributed network stretches across the globe with seed nodes covering the USA, Europe and reaching as far as Australia. After block 10000 the DirhamCoin distributed network will be secured exclusively by staking wallets and masternodes. Through the DirhamCoin distributed network, utilising AED we open a gateway to a global greenmarket trading platform for renewable energy. DirhamCoin positions itself to be the future of green digital currency finance, production and renewable energy.

Contributing to DirhamCoin not only pays back a good return on investment, it will immediately reflect on an individual or an organizations approach to a greener future and is a great way to position one’s self or business in working to reduce one’s carbon footprint.

Network (TH/s)




Coin Supply (AED)


Master Nodes


AED Price



Technical aspects of AED you need to know!

Coin name: DirhamCoin
Ticker: AED
RPC PORT: 15414
PORT: 15415
MaxSupply: 123,000,000
Anti Instamine: Block 800
Premine: 10,300,000 for coins swap

Masternode Collateral: 20,000 to 180,000
Masternode Payments start: Block 800
Masternode percentage: 70%

Mining is only available through SimpleCoin